Monday, July 4, 2011

Zombie Prosthetics From Facades Fx

New Makeup FX Prosthetics for the 2011 season 
Facades Fx brings forth the zombie goodness with their new 2011 Creepy Features line of foam latex prosthetics. The designs so far,  look like decent straight forward zombie pieces.  

From the Press Release:
Spoil yourself rotten with "ROTTEN ZOMBIES", your one-stop shop for total zombiefication!
Facades geniuses Phil Nichols and Melissa Nichols are the team that brought you the amazing SFX for such recent horror/genre movies as Renfield: The Un-Dead (R Squared Films, Phoenix Group and Legacy Distribution), Psychic Experiment (Lionsgate), and Boggy Creek (American World Pictures). And yes, they are the innovators behind the world famous latex prosthetic line "REEL FX" from Rubies Costumes. Once again they are innovating the masquerade, Halloween, and make-up industry with their own spin on the zombie craze.
In a recent joint venture, "ROTTEN ZOMBIES" will soon be featured on the highly popular YouTube series "Zombie Go Boom!" And they will also be seen in the upcoming motion picture Zombie Alley.
So don't wait! Run, don't walk to to get your game face on!

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